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I'm Joshua Hathaway. I head up design at The Gnar Company. I have over 20 years of experience (oh man, sounds like such a long time when I type it out like that) and have worked with some amazing brands like Xerox, Coleman, GE, Citrix, AT&T and Coca-Cola.

I have two miniature dachshunds who both act like jerks. I love running, cooking and reading nerdy sci-fi and fantasy books. And sometimes I eat too many potato chips.

My passion is creating digital experiences for brands that matter. Branding and marketing is all about storytelling—and to me, a brand's success depends on how well they can tell a story. Let's tell some real stories. And while we're at it, let's create something simple, vibrant and useful.

Let's make something high-five-worthy.

Twitter/Instagram: @joshuahathaway